Hello!! 🙂

My name is Joanne and I’m a 25 year old City girl born and bred in Belfast!

I studied Broadcast Journalism at College for two years and have always had a passion for TV, Radio, PR and all things media! I have always been particularly interested in blogs/vlogs and had my own when studying my course, but this time around I decided to make my own personal little blog!

Everything looks pretty basic at the min, but bare with me I will always be building and maintaining my website.

So what are my blogs about? To be honest I don’t know! Well my first blog is very personal and revolves around mental health, if you haven’t read it yet feel free to do do! So I may post a variety of blogs from life stories to movie/gig reviews to start myself off and see how I get on!

For now it’s just a hobbie! But if I get a at least a handle of regular readers even better 🙂

Thank you for visiting and hope you enjoy!

Jo 😉